Trippo is a transportation service, providing its own fleet of transport, with less hassle and more comfort. It’s going to get you where you want, when you want and how you want! Available in Dhaka and Chittagong with the lowest rates out there and amazing new features in the riding world. Need to get somewhere as soon as possible? Order on Trippo to ride a bike through the bumper-to-bumper traffic jams of these busy cities. Not a fan of bikes? No problem! Not only does it have its own armada of bikes, but cars too, all in one app. The app comes with many more useful features. Features that allow you to book rides for a time later in the day, the emergency contact button for customers to contact the company in cases of emergencies. But that’s not it. Once the ride has been accepted, instant messaging between the rider and customer is enabled as well! And after the ride has ended, the customers may pay using cards if they wish to. Trippo is here to ensure a happy and satisfied customer, to make trips a better experience in all ways possible. Trending, Reliable, Immense, Passionate, Plausible and Optimistic, Trippo is the ride to go.