At MAF Motors, we have been thriving with an honest reputation in the last 5 (five) years through the sales of three models of Bennett Motorcycles manufactured in China then assembled in Bangladesh, ZF-100A (100cc), RZ8 (133cc) and RS2 (1500cc). We have been able to sustain in this competitive market through our low costs achieved from assembling these products at our very own centers. Our current team consists of three highly qualified Regional Managers, six Sales Executives, four Sales Officers, two Engineers and ten Technicians along with assistants with vast knowledge overriding with experience in assembling and handling motorcycles. As a result of the company’s hard work and dedication, we have sold over 2,600 (two thousand six hundred) units of the three models mentioned above altogether until now. MAF Motors Limited’s head office is currently operating in Dhaka at T.K. Bhaban alongside a showroom in Chittagong and we have over 35 thirty five showroom dealers enlisted all over Bangladesh. We work closely with our dealers and regularly check in to make sure they operate by our compliances.

We host training workshops to train and inspire them to reach the targets we had set for them initially. A team consisting of, two sub mobile teams, two engineers and six technicians are always on standby for servicing and maintenance assistance to our clients of MAF Motors Limited. We, MAF Motors Limited thrive on this particular slogan, “We are committed to ensuring service before the sale of goods”.