About Tradevisor Limited

Tradevisor Limited was established in 2010 as a sister concern of T.K. Group of Industries dealing in supply of commodities and providing logistics. Today the landscape has changed dramatically, our industry has evolved, our businesses and challenges have become more complex, consumer behavior has changed and we have changed. We have expanded into a service and technology company with a wide array of businesses ranging from manufacturing motorcycles, transportation services, renewable energy projects, business consultancy, logistics and supplying commodities. We started with the belief that reliable and engaging consumer experiences will move our businesses forward and follow that same principle today.

At our core, we are a culture of thinkers and makers with a vision to expand our businesses to the far reaches of the country. We thrive in a culture of exceeding expectations, pushing limits, and excelling in performance to develop our business into market leaders and contribute to the ever-growing economy of Bangladesh.

As Bangladesh is progressing as a developing country rather rapidly, possibilities and opportunities are endless. Hence, Tradevisor LTD is determined in engaging all sectors through itself and third-party consultations. We are ready and informed to cater to your needs, be it supplies, consultancy, financial support or transportation. For any queries please contact us.